The Westminster Freeway, commonly referred to as "the Westminster", is a municipal freeway in the city of West New London, serving the entire Westminster Island. Running close to the shore, completely around the Westminster Island.

The freeway was built by a coalition between the Delongo Ministry, the Independence Toll Dept. of Transportation, the Urban New London Area, and the Delongo Board Organization's Division for Roads. 

The highway ranges from 12 lanes to 32 lanes. The speed limits are 100km/h in Downtown and Midtown, mimimum of 80km/h. 90km/h in suburbia, minimum of 70km/h. 110km/h in Industiral regions (primarily Uptown), minimum of 90km/h. 

Route Description

Kilometer Zero is marked at the Bell Rd. Junction in Midtown West New London, where contruction began. From there, the KM marks go counter-clockwise (south-west-north-east-south). 

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