West New London


City Proper: 27.3 million (2014)

Urban: 57.8 million (2014)


Davis Hornton



Official Languages

English, French, Mandarin


REPs- 250

West New London is the capital city of Delongo; situated on Westminster Island between the Delongo Sea (Atlantic Ocean) and the River Bérégovoy. It is the third largest city in all of Delongo, and is the largest city in Independence Toll. It is primarily located on the man-made Westminster Island, but also has a large settlement (primarily suburban) on some smaller surrounding islands, most notably on L'Île a Sous-Marie. It is surrounded on the Delongo Base by several large suburban cities, most notably Sasin, New Vancouver, and New Sienfield. West New London has recently evolved into a political and technological centre.

The city was founded by Joanne and Riland Murphy in 1793, with 200 citizens. Since than, it has grown significantly to a massive 21.9 million. Even with this population, the attitudes of West New London are "still very small town like," said the Blix Times in a 2011 article, "they continue to praise every tourist, like a small town, and have the compassion and welcoming feeling of a small town."



The land around the Sasin Mountains was settled on by aboriginal peoples for a very long time, being one of the few resource-rich places in Northern Delongo that is also close to the sea for fish and whales. In the 1500s, when Rupertland settlement began in the region as a trading post with the larger city of Rupertland and the New Land region.


Court trial in 2008 at the Supreme Court of Delongo, one of the many buildings created for Westminster City.

Westminster City

In 1612, King Rupert II declared that a new city would be created, but instead of being on Rupert Island, it would be on a new man-made island on the west coast of New Land. It would be a trading post, and the new capital city of New Land. The island would be created by making a river by hand. In 1629, the island was complete, and was named by King Elijah II as Westminster Island. Contruction on various pieces of the city began, including roads, beautiful buildings and multiple castles which are still in use today, such as the Supreme Court of Delongo (which was the Court of Westminster) and so many more. 

Capital City

After being re-declared as permanent capital city after the Fires of New London, West New London began to grow into a major city, and became the only major city in such cold conditions on planet earth, and remains to be one of the coldest major cities on earth. It suffered due to its remoteness. It only became accessible in the 1950s to the general public, but because of not enough gas stations along its major highways, it was not fully accessible until around 2002. Until 1872, the only way to access the city was by boat from a major port, such as in Dimin, Blix, Oilman, or Matewood, this was sue to having no railways and no paths or roads for carriages. A railroad was built from Clifton, where the railroads from South Blix and South Matewood met, all the way up to New London in 1874, but only the newest of trains could make the trek due to dangerous conditions that the railway encountered. A road to the city only opened in 1924 after growing public demand, but in order to reach the city, gas tanks were required to be carried due to a lack of gas stations on the way to New London. It wouldn't be until 2002 when the trek could be carried out after government legislation forced new stations to be created.


West New London is well known for being very flat, as is much of the Independence Toll. It appears to be on a island, however, it is not, the River Bérégovoy, which isn't an actual river, is actually man made from the 1600s, by some people of Rupertland. The attempt did finally work after about 15 years dedicated to the project. They called the island, Westminster Island.

The project workers were told to make the new island in a special shape, and have a smaller island in the middle of the river. They succeeded. It is guessed that 10000s of workers were involved, and over 100 died from the intense labour and dangerous conditions.


Visible Minorities (2012 Census)

Ethnic Group % of Population
White 40.2%
Asian 37.6%
Black 6.6%
Indigenous 6.1%
Mixed Visible Minorities 8.5%


Language % of speakers
English 72.3%
French 71.3%
Mandarin 68.4%
Arabic 9.2%
Spanish 7.2%
Italian 6.5%
Korean 6.4%
Russian 4.1%
Other Languages 23.6%


Protestant 34.8%
Atheism 33.7%
Catholicism 9.3%
Muslim 9.1%
Boudhist 8.1%
Christian (Not included elsewhere) 4.2%
Hindu 1.1%
Other Religions 0.8%

In Popular Culture


West New London it's own, very successful NHL Hockey Team called the West New London Leopards. The team is well known for it's All Star Player, Ricky Edge.


It is often referred to as the 21st Century Silicon Valley, for it's success in the Technology Industry, which goes back to 1964, when bTECK was started in West New London. Now it plays host to many very large and successful tech start-ups as well.


Tip Core

The Tip Core is located in the northernmost tip of Westminister Island. It is primarily Industrial, and low-income residential.

Tip Suburbs

The Tip Suburbs are surronding the Tip Core. It is primarily suburbia, with medium-income housing.

New Staed

New Staed is a suburban borough primarily consisting of medium-income housing.


Aeroson is a healthy mix of Commerical and Industrial and low-income housing. It is home to the Aeroson Canal, one of the busiest canals in the world.

New Jala

New Jala is a primarily medium-income suburbia, and also a lot of small buisnesses.

North Core

The North Core is a heavy industrial borough. It is home to a large cargo train station (North Station) and a large cargo airport (North New London International Airport).


Uptown is a very high-tech industrial district. In the south of the borough it is a mix of commercial and industrial.


Midtown is a commerical and high-rise housing borough. It is home to McDon Avenue, the Tech Capital of Delongo. It is also home to the famous McDon Ave. Shopping Centre.

New Wellington

The high-income suburban borough of New Welligton is very famous for housing some of the biggest names in the world, (including President Katie Lee and the UN Secretary General).

New Edinburgh

The borough of New Edinburgh contains a mix of high-income and medium-income housing. It is known for its beautiful beaches along the Royal Basin.

New Amsterdam

The borough of New Amsterdam contains a mix of high-income suburbia and medium-rise apartments/condos in the south. 


The borough of Seaside is primarily parks, and also some high-income high-rises.

West Condo Dist.

The West Condo District is home to some of the tallest high-rises in the world. Due to strict requirements by the City of West New London, the high-rises are well-known for their stunning designs. It is within very close proximity to the Downtown.

Old New London

Old New London is very, very famous for its classic designs and old, historic buildings. It is an incredibly popular tourist attraction.

Downtown West New London

Education District

The Education District is known for its world-class universities and colleges. It is also home to some of the best secondary and primary schools. It has grown to contain a lot of high-rises.

Hospitality District

The Hospitality District is home to some of the tallest and most stunning hotels in the world. It has grown to contain a lot of high-rises.

Entertainment District

The Entertainment District is full of classic theatres, and also home to the iconic Radio Blvd., home of the International Media.

Downtown Shopping District

The Downtown Shopping District is home to shopping malls, strip malls, stores, etc.

Tourist District

The Tourist District is home to a lot of big ticket tourist attractions. It has been growing to have less of a focus on tourism, as nearby Daisifox has been taking that sector for itself, and more towards condos.

Financial District

Home to the third largest Financial District in the world (after Sienfield and South Blix), it is growing very rapidly.

Fashion District

The Fashion District is home to many clothing stores, and retail developments.

Island Coast

The Island Coast is a primarily commerical district of the Downtown. It is a strong mix of high commerical skyscrapers, and condos.

Government District

The Government District is by far the best-known. West New London is known as the Governmental Capital of te World. It has the Delongo Ministry, the United Nations, the Delongo Board Organization, and ambassies from over 120 countries.

Afee Island

The Afee Island is home to the New London Capital Airport, and many public services, and commerical buildings. It is best known for the second largest shopping centre in the world, New London Place.

East Condo Dist.

The East Condo District is home to a lot of high-rises.

New Westminister

It is a suburban borough that is home to medium, and high-income housing.

West Manchester

It is a mix of medium-income suburbia, and medium-rise buildings.

New London Heights

New London Heights is home to high-income suburban homes.


Graz is known for its parks, and medium-income housing.

New Greenwich

It is known for its mix of parks and medium/high-income housing.


Queenston is home to medium-income housing.


Kingston is home to medium-income housing and multiple river-side developments.


Chéngshi is a well-known Chinese borough, that is home to the New London Chinatown, and New London Japantown. It is also home to a lot of medium-income housing.


Wandsworth is known for their high-income, medium-income, and low-income housing.


The Lucydale borough is known for their medium-income condos.

South Condo District

The South Condo District is home to a lot of Beachside Condos.


The borough of Walt is known for its mix of medium and low-income housing.


Clockworth is known for being home to the very tall (202m) New London City Clock. It is also home to commerical areas and medium-income housing.


Richmond is known for its classic medium-income housing.


Southampton is known for hosting the massive New London Shipping Hub, located directly on the Delongo Sea. It is primarliy industrial.

The Thames-View

The Thames-View is knwon for its classic mix of medium-income housing and medium-sized buisnesses, primarily small businesses.

Upper Bronx

The Upper Bronx is home to a mix of low and medium-income housing.


Eaton is home to medium-income housing, and some commerical developments.

Lower Bronx

Lower Bronx is home to medium-income housing and some commerical developments.

West Buckingham

West Buckingham is knwon for its old high-income housing.

East Buckingham

East Buckingham is known for its museums, and high-rises.

Ile A Sous-Marie

Ile A Sous-Marie is known for its vibrant French community. It is also home to medium-income, high-income housing and commerical developments.

Separating from East New London

The lands of present-day East New London were granted to the city of New London in 1897, with it came the construction of the Bienvenue Bridge. 


Census data from New London City Data Offices
Year Population
1813 200
1823 10,000
1833 35,000
1843 78,000
1853 87,000
1863 102,000
1873 171,000
1883 244,000
1893 290,000
1903 330,000
1913 420,000
1923 600,000
1933 622,000
1943 640,000
1953 678,000
1963 703,000
1973 1,000,000
1983 3,040,000
1993 5,230,000
2003 7,452,000
2006 8,900,000
2009 10,300,000
2011 14,900,000
2012 21,900,000
2013 35,000,000 (est.)

West New London has some very good, and very bad relationships with other cities around the world.

East New London

Perhaps the most famours relationship would be the one with East New London.

In the 1800s, what was simply New London, the two halves of the city (on the isand, off the island) got along well. However, after Ronald Kay Blix was assinated, the two cities split up over disagreements on the matter, They would not forgive each other formally until 1917, on November 24th, 1917 they officially became Sister Cities.

After the 2011 Outnyleon War, the two cities had a disagreement on what should be done to the people of Outnyleon.

East New London: Their Government believed that all the people should be killed, as to not disrupt Delongo's mainstream culture.

West New London: Their Government believed that the people did not have a choice on wheather or not they could live in Outnyleon. They said that they deserved a "second chance".


West New London and Foxton get along very well in the Governmental House. They are considering becoming Sister Cities.

They both are doing incredibly well in the Technology Idustry. West New London and Foxton are hoping to share industry secrets and advancements with each other.

Foxton also wants a partnership with bTECK as well, it has speculated that this could be a large reason why they wish to become Sister Cities.

Princess Diana Kingdom (Rupertland)

The people of both New London cities were all very moved that after Princess Diana died, Rupertland decided to rename themselves to the Princess Diana Kingdom. Since then they have gotten along particullary well.

All though they did have a gory past. Rupertland did not want West New London moving on to that island. They were hoping to expand there soon. The fought over the land, but the battles were all won by the Blix Regional Muncipality Governement in the very early 1900s. The terms of the cease fire were that Rupertland become a part of the BRM. They all agreed.

South Blix

West New London has admitted openly of their jealousy of South Blix for being the most successful city in the world, however they have come to a neutral agreement. For the time being.

West Blix

The two cities got along fairly until 2008 when Lloyd Robertson (CTV News Anchor) jokingly brought up the Comptetition for the next South Blix.

The Competition for the next South Blix

The media has done very well at promoting the West Blix vs. West New London Battle to become the next South Blix. By becoming the next South Blix, the media is saying that one of the two cities will be very successful, and very populated, and maybe even have chances to expand (even though both cities are on islands).

Anaylysts believe that West New London was won the competition, just barely. But almost every analyst believes that is West Blix can get into the Technology Industry, they will win the battle.

bTECK, however will be hard to win over, as it startes in West New London.

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