The West Connector is an iconic South Blix road strip, which is aprox. 10km long. It is the only natural land connection between Western South Blix and the Marci Region of South Blix, which is where most of the UBA's population works. Every day, the West Connector carries over 14.8 million vehicles, on average. The West Connector holds 49 different highways and roads, which are all connected via the world's largest interchange, the West Connector Intechange, which is 5km in length, and almost 350m tall, which allows for 30 layers of roads (most layers carry multiple roads).

The entire West Connector carries 519 lanes of road and 24 rail lines for public transit and private rail. It is estimated that 44 million people use the West Connector every day, by car or rail or public transit.

The only way to cross the Blix Harbour without taking the West Connector is by taking the ET-4 Bridge, which costs on average $25 to cross, or by the Highway 8 Bridge which only has 4 lanes and costs $5 to cross.

The West Connector is maintained by the City of South Blix, the Boroughs of West and Bekerham, and the Province of Quad Blix.

The West Connector is also well known for its Western-end, in which all of the roads on the interchange collapse into one long, flat stretch with its highways divided only by jersey barriers. It has been critized by environmental critics around the world for its over-use of land. It is 2.07km in width, and is a 4km long stretch. Typically, the West Connector is only about 100m in width.

Parts of the Connector

Listed west-east.

  • West-entrance: This portion of the connector is about 5km in length, and is where all of the highways begin to join together as a group and cross-over each other, leading to the flat-stretch.
  • Flat-stretch: This is a 4km long flat stretch in which all of the 49 different highways are all laid down next to one another, adding up to a massive width of 2.07km of road.
  • Stack-start: This is a 500m long portion during which the various highways begin to stack onto one another. By its end, the official interchange stack begins.
  • The Stack: This is a 5km long interchange, in which all 49 highways are on top of each other over 30 layers of road. It is the most difficult part of the drive on the West Connector.
  • Lebienvenue: This is a 3km section in which the West Connector ends, and begins to collapse into normal seperated roads. By its end, all roads are going their own ways. Welcome to Beckerham.

Layout of the West Connector Stack

Layer Road(s) Lanes
"0" Cargo Way (allows large Cargo Trucks exclusively) !does not interchange! 12

KGW 1 (allows Cargo Trucks)

2 Soleil Boulevard, All Pedestrians 16
3 QVW 1 (Rochester Boulevard) (allows Cargo Trucks) 24
4 KGW 10, KGW 60 12, 13
5 KGW 100 22
6 QVW 111, QVW 410 11, 12
7 QVW 200 16
8 Confederation Avenue, QVW 382 6, 10
9 Expressway 2230, Expressway 1 12, 10
10 Highway 707 26
11 Highway 700, Highway 701 12, 13
12 Highway 2, Highway 4 6, 12
13 Highway 703, Highway 705 10, 10
14 Highway 706, Highway 7, Lorris Island- Belvedere Expressway 10, 4, 10
15 Ocean Boulevard, KGW 3 8, 14
16 Highway 9, QVW 100 6, 12
17 Boulechester Avenue, Alisha Tate Avenue, Lavandra Freeway 6, 6, 8
18 Highway 800, Highway 888 12, 12
19 Highway 802, University Avenue 12, 6
20 Iconic- Marci Way, Highway 809 5, 16
21 The Heights, Old Leicester Freeway 4, 8
22 Freeway 23, Freeway 70 8, 8
23 Freeway 88, Freeway 89 10, 8
24 Freeway 10, Freeway 11 10, 10
25 Freeway 99, Westingham- Manlieu Freeway 8, 8
26 First Road 6
27 UBALRT (5 lines), Rail (4 lines) -
28 South Blix Underground (5 lines), South Blix Aboveground (3 lines) -
29 South Blix Underground (7 lines) -
30 Sky Freeway 16

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