Here is some info on the WWBC Corporation

International Channels

Channel Name Creation PT Ratings Average Description
WWBC ONE 1936 26 million The primary channel of the WWBC, it is also the oldest of the channels.
WWBC TWO 1943 11 million The secondary channel of the WWBC.
WWBC THREE 1968 7 million A channel focusing on popular culture.
WWBC FOUR 1972 4 million A channel used for unique television expirences. 
WWBC FIVE 1986 3 million A channel used for additional programming.
WWBC Sports 1956 8 million A channel used for sports programming, primarily.
WWBC NEWS 1946 5 million A channel wholely devoted to News coverage.
WWBC Docs 1999 2 million A channel that airs documentaries. New docs air every night at 8PM.
WWBC BN 2003 2.5 million

A channel devoted to Buisness News.

Acclaim! 2000 3 million A channel devoted to the arts and films.
WWBC R1 1950 3 million Simply an audio rebroadcast WWBC Radio One
WWBC Weather 2004 0.6 million A channel devoted to international weather coverage.

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