1. City Transcendent
  2. Royal Capital City
  3. Accessory City
  4. Capital City
  5. Cathedral City
  6. Tutor City
  7. Dependent City
  8. Shire town
  9. Accessory town
  10. Village
  11. Market town
  12. Community

The Prefix Honourable is used to distinguish the city as an excellent city, recognized by the monarch. Only two prefixes are permitted per category.

Selected Regions Status
Hill St. Paul, RL City Transcendent
City of Rupert, RL Honourable Royal Capital City
City of Lincoln, RL Honourable Accessory City
City of Pompeii, RL Accessory City
City of Lacksbury, RL Accessory City
Rupertland Consolidated Metropolis, RL City Transcendent, Royal Capital City, Accessory City, Cathedral City
Ruberta, EL Capital City
Emileville, EL Honourable Cathedral City, Shire town
Ips, JL Capital City
Wrexham-on-New Trent, RL Cathedral City
Little Wye, RL Honourable Cathedral City
Landsmouth, RL Honourable Tutor City
Northingham, CL Capital City
North Chester, RL Shire town

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