Urban Matewood Area


80 million (2015)


New Adimoore


Eye Candy

The Urban Matewood Area (UMA), is the second largest Urban Area in Delongo by population. It revolves around the city of South Matewood, and more recently Studio Hills as well.

The UMA streches from the Atlantic Ocean to South Matewood, and from Nim to North Matewood.


Race Percent Population
White 40.2% 36,180,000
Black 26.5% 23,850,000
Arab 13.4% 12,060,000
East Asian 6.8% 6,120,000
South Asian 5.2% 4,680,000
Latin American 3.0% 2,700,000
Southeast Asian 2.1% 1,890,000
Indigenous 1.5% 1,350,000
Other 1.3% 1,170,000

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