The Eastern Emerald Universities (EEU) are a set of ten of the most prestigious universities in the PDRD. The alliance was founded in 1542.

  • Royal University Hampton (founding member)
  • Royal University Apollo (founding member)
  • New Oxford (founding member)
  • City University Rupertland (founding member, disbanded from the EEU in 1919, stemming from their support of WWI efforts, re-added in 1971)
  • King Rupert the Divine University (added in 1678)
  • Westminster University (added in 1678)
  • Université Française en Vue Baie (added in 1853)
  • Blix University (added in 1896)
  • Capital University (added in 1921)
  • City University New London (added in 1935)


The EEU was originally an unnamed alliance of universities, then called the Empirical Emerald Universities. They shared curricula and program requirements, as well as worked together on research projects.

In 1855 the alliance was renamed the Eastern Emerald Universities following the admission of the UFVB, then the top-performing university in the world, according to The Newland Reporter

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