The dome

The dome of the Cathedral; dominating the nearby City of Pompeii.

St. Paul's Grand Cathedral-Basilica is the largest church on the earth, and is the headquarters of the Church of Rupert. The church's foundations originate from the 600s AD, but the church has been Rupertist since the late 1300s.

The church is situated entirely within the borough of Hill St. Paul.


St. Paul's was named after the Saint Paul; who lived during the 1300s as the spiritual advisor to King Rupert I. He died in 1375, two years before Rupert I. Following his death, Rupert I commanded that the Cathedral, then under construction, be named after this soon-to-be-named Saint.
East facade

The East facade; the Chapel of Rivers is most prominently seen. This facade is known as the tourist's beacon as it is often the first part of the Cathedral seen by tourists.


The Cathedral began as the Grand Wye Church, an unofficial Roman Catholic church. The modest church was built in the early 600s, under King Henry I. In the 800s, the church burnt down and was rebuilt as a grand cathedral. Since then, the church has kept the same building with many dozens of expansions and many more renovations on the original from the 800s. The largest of these expansions began construction as the vita iter work of King Elijah I before he became King. The church opened on the death day of King Rupert I, and was the location of his funeral. The church was completed, however, in 1374.

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