South Beach is a major neighbourhood in southern South Matewood, New Adimoore. It is a mixed-use area, featuring entertainment and residential portions. The entire area was home to North Adimoore Studios until in 1986 when the company was forced to sell its land in all major urban areas after being found that it had taken the land by force and by threat in the early GBD. The old studios were set ablaze a year later by the Matewood City Council who couldn`t afford proper demolition. The only parts of the region that remained were the non-studios parts: Saint Denise Cathedral, the New Adimoore Capital, and South Matewood City Hall. 

The redevelopment of the area has taken many years. The area is so large that it couldn't develop quickly. In 1990, City Council sold the area to CN Rail who developed it into a major railway area, but in 1995 when CN denationalized, it was forced to sell its land back to the city. Ever since, South Beach has very slowly redeveloped into a major place of entry into South Matewood via Studio Hills, and into a commercial centre of the entire nation.

In 2007, the South Matewood City Council and the Delongo Ministry announced that they would be building the main stadium in South Beach for Matewood 2015's Earthian. Ever since development has picked up rapidly, and the entire area should be developed by January 2015. It is planned to become the next Times Square.

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