The social situation in the Urban New London Area is a complicated one. While West New London is generally upper-middle class across the island, the outer cities vary widely in social classes.

East New London was created by the old English conservatives who stayed after the Fires of New London to help prevent future attack. As conservatives, the Blixian government treated them as traitors to the Matewood cause (as many of them were), and created social housing projects in that area instead of on Westminster Island. To this day, ENL remains full of social housing projects and some of the poorest communities in any urban area in Delongo. The UNLA has been harshly criticized for its multi-billion dollar beautification projects of the ENL coastline, while the inner-city remains troubled. The New London Capital Commission has been working to reduce the poverty situation in ENL by creating jobs and by building new social housing projects across the UNLA. In 2011, a social housing project opened on Shaftesbury Avenue, which became the first social housing project on any major downtown street in Delongo. Since then, Soleil Blvd and Shaftesbury have built thousands of housing projects on their streets.

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