The S-line is one of the busiest and oldest lines in the South Blix Underground system. It is entirely underground except in Innovation Park, where it appears aboveground briefly within an enclosed glass tunnel.


A = Stops all times

W = Stops weekdays only

* = busiest exit

Stops Station Name Transfers Notes
A Friendship Circle
A Soleil/Seng
W Soleil/Moonlight
A Soleil/Champs-Chinois 11
A Soleil/The Boulevard W 63
A Soleil/Soho
A Soleil/Mariliselle 95
A Soleil/Giulia
W Soleil/Sacra
A Soleil/Triangle
A Soleil/Wallace W
W Soleil/Bonapart
A Soleil/Ohtahlay W C
A Soleil/East Jamaica 88
A Soleil/Dubois (Follyhall Park) 17 Exits: Follyhall Park*, SSX, NatBank, Banque Populaire
A Soleil/Waterloo (Central Folly) B, C, 17, 43 Exits: Global Centre of Commerce*, PBD, Visa, Mastercard
A Soleil/Follyhall (East Follyhall) Exits: Global Centre of Commerce•, LeFebvre-Thibault, KPMG, PwC, KOTA,
A Soleil/York
A Soleil/Ésthetique (Aesthetic Square) B, C, H, 18, 93 Exits: Soleil South*, 7891 Ésthetique, 8001 Ésthetique, Soleil North
A Soleil/Manor (Blixium) 141
A Soleil/Le PI (Parc d'ode à le consumérism) Exits: S./Le PI, Alexa/Le PI
A Soleil/Nockley (Blix Mall) B, C, F, W, SC, AIR, 4, 17, 24, 141, 280, Af, As Exits: Blix Mall (many), S./Nockley, L./Nockley, Alexa/Nockley, S./Rowling, L./Rowling
A Soleil/The Cosmopolitan Exits: S./La Rambla*, S./The Cosmo, S./Dolorosa,
W Soleil/The Metropolitan Exits: S./The Metro*, Lake/ The Metro
A Soleil/La Pigale Exits: S./Blix Central*, S./La Pigale
A Soleil/The Wangfujing 303 Exits: S./L'Alésus*, S./The Wangfujing, O./L'Alésus
A Soleil/Xiu Shui
A Soleil/Marci East D, E, 100, 200, 203, 800
A Soleil/Ohtahlay E C
A Soleil/The Boulevard E 63
A Soleil/du Bac 11 Exits: S./du Bac*, S./Champs-Chinois, S./de la Montagne
A Soleil/Park Avenue 300 Exits:
A Soleil/NoRo 45
A Soleil/Ensoleilée 56, 75

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