Special Administrative Region of the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo

Capital and largest city

Rupertland City (9,000,000)


English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Knottish (recognized)




56,710,000 (2016)

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Rupertland (formerly Weseopia) is a Special Administrative District in the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo. Since the Socialist Act passed, it has been a Special Administrative District and recognized as a separate 'nation' in a united Delongo. It is situated in the province of New Rupertland. It is divided into seven geographical districts: Rupertland, Jamesland, Westland, Emileland, Coldland, Knottshire, Offland, and Islelands. It is situated on an archipelago off of Delongo's Independence Toll, in the Delongo Sea, with its primary population situated on Rupert Island. 

The Rupertland Archipelago was first settled by Inuit peoples, but they were killed when European settlers came in the early 200s AD and called the island: Weseopia, and the entire region of present-day Delongo: Newland. The Europeans created their own culture, heavily based upon the British cultural hierarchy, including a monarch. In 1303, the Rupertland Empire was established and began taking over much of Newland and established massive settlements. At its peak, the Rupertland Empire had over 70 million people in it, and over 55 million people lived on Rupert Island. One of the world's most influential empires collapsed in the Fires of New London in the late 1810s to the Blixian Empire.

Today over 56,710,000 people live in the Special Administrative District; primarily living in cities such as Rupertland City (the capital), Ips, Ruberta, Emileville; and many more cities and towns all over the region. It is sometimes nicknamed New Britain, for having a very similar topography and geography (except colder), and a similar layout and communities. 




Geographical Regions and Counties

Rupertland is divided into several Geographical Districts, and furthermore dividied into severall counties per district.

Wyeland District: Rupert's County, Chester County, Wallace County, Upper Wye County, Daphne County

Jamesland District: James' County, Lowechester County, Crawley County, Lake County

Westland District: The Amptons, Water County, Fields County, South County, Hilton County

Eastland District: Eastampton County, Mountain County, New Reading County

Emileland District: La Vistaianique Region, Queen Ruberta County, Riverside County, Elijahan County, County, North County

Coldland District: Northingham County, Centre County, Scot County, Cold County

Knottlands: Grand Victory County, Shire County

Offland District: North Islands, South Islands, Inglis Island, Mortimer Island

Islelands District: Water Islands, Lesley Island


With over 35 million inhabitents, Rupertland is the second most populated region in the Independence Toll. Most of its residents live on Rupert's Island, with only 100,000 people not living on Rupert's Island. The most populated district is Rupertland, followed by Emileland, Jamesland, Westland, Islelands, Knottshire, and Offland.

Major conurbations

# Urban Area Population Major Localities
1 Greater Rupertland 23,000,000 Rupertland, Wrexham-on-New Trent, New Oxford, Landsmouth, Devon, Bid, New Rome
2 Greater Ruberta 4,300,000 Ruberta, Clacton
3 Ips Region 4,250,000 Ips, South East, Bourne-on-Crawley
4 Emileville-Elijah Area 1,800,000 Emileville, Elijah, London
5 Westampton-St.Patrick's Area 675,000 Westampton, St. Patrick's, West Chester
6 Northingham Area 257,000 Northingham, New North City
7 Marley-Foxford 60,000 Marley Island, Foxford South

Empirical Anthem

The Empirical Anthem of Rupertland is 'There shall never be one so great!'.


Rupert the Divine,/ Emperor of the Earth,/ High Lord of Rupertland,/ King of his realms./ Divinity since birth./ Proclamation of Lordship./ On the west of Dimin,/ Sacred sands./ Shores of the Inlet,/ Divine./ Source of the Wye,/ Cherished water./ Provider of the common strength./ Our angelic duty is to him!/ Wilfrid the Redeemer,/ Son of the Hallowed,/ Caeser of the south./ Redeemer of the Empire,/ Forever gracious am I./ 'RUPERTLAND!/ His name shall live in History!/ 'Oh, Rupertland!/ Live on! Live on and conquer,/ For it is they, for they that we must serve./ Yes, Rupertland!/ His seas and hills so solemn!/ Oh, Rupertland!/ Death to his enemies./ For Rupertland!/ Long may he reign,/ Sovereign or' all this land,/ His will be unrevered,/ There shall never be one so great./ Oh, Rupertland,/ There shall never be one so great./


Year Population Year Population Year Population
460 0 1325 802,000 1825 31,200,000
490 67,000 1350 930,000 1850 35,000,000
500 72,000 1375 1,100,000 1875 41,000,000
550 180,000 1400 1,320,000 1900 47,700,000
600 259,000 1425 1,670,000 1910 54,000,000
650 304,000 1450 1,900,000 1920 61,000,000
700 330,000 1475 2,600,000 1930 64,000,000
750 350,000 1500 3,100,000 1940 67,000,000
800 380,000 1525 5,000,000 1950 70,500,000
850 403,000 1550 6,100,000 1960 59,000,000
900 410,000 1575 7,300,000 1970 54,000,000
950 460,000 1600 8,900,000 1980 36,000,000
1000 475,000 1625 10,800,000 1990 31,000,000
1050 510,000 1650 12,200,000 2000 24,000,000
1100 545,000 1675 15,600,000 2010 29,000,000
1150 612,000 1700 18,430,000 2015 46,000,000
1200 630,000 1725 21,000,000 2020 63,000,000
1250 690,000 1775 24,300,000 2030 80,000,000
1300 725,000 1800 27,900,000