The oldest rapid transit system in the world is the New London Underground. SInce then, Underground and Aboverground Rapid Transit has become very widely used around the world.

Rapid Transit Data

System City Annual Ridership Year Opened System Type
Express>>> National 119,031,981,990 2007 Under/Above
South Blix Underground UBA 19,762,902,100 (2013) 1914 Under/Above

New London Underground (Incl. N.L. Aboveground)

UNLA 6,901,087,921 (2013) 1855 Under/Above
Matewood Metro UMA 1,487,032,821 (2013) 1907 Under/Above
Nouvelle Montréal Métropolitain RNM 650,100,720 (2013) 1941 Under
Sienfield Trains Sienfield 603,210,893 (2013) 1934 Under
Rupertland Underground Rupertland 471,034,284 (2013) 1921 Under
Foxton Metro (Privately owned: Fox Petro) Foxton 112,903,410 (2013) 2002 Under/Above
Calc Express Nimbus Calc 98,076,894 (2013) 1951 Under
Dimin Light Rail Dimin 65,873,393 (2013) 1940 Above
Mindon Rail Mindon 41,983,030 (2013) 1929 Above
Clifton Sky Train Clifton Area 38,980,200 (2013) 1999 Above

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