2017 System

Major overhaul caused by several new provinces. New 8-character format is A1A1 A1A1, however this system is only being introduced for letters A-R, all others will stick with the old 6-character format: A1A 1A1.

First Letter Corresponding region(s) 8-character 6-character
A West New London
B Greater New London (non-WNL)
C South Blix (East Island)
D South Blix (Island Centre)
E South Blix (West Island and West Blix)
F Coastal UBA
G Iconic Region
H West UBA
I East UBA
J Kota Fushinee Region
K Quad Blix East
L Quad Blix West
M Région Nouvelle Montréalais
N South Matewood
O Studio Hills
P New Adimoore
Q New Rupertland
R Rupertland Metropolis
S Coastal Burnley
T la Vue Baie
U unused
V Tri Rocks, Carleton Guard
W Calclyn
X Justalign, Blix Meadows, Euylizean Indg. Territories
Y West New Adimoore, Ryanby
Z Claymore Tri

V0-5 are Tri Rocks, V6-9 are Carleton Guard.

X0-2 are Justalign, X3-4 are Blix Meadows, X5-9 are Euylizean Indigenous Territories.

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