The Politburo Standing Committee is a high committee of the MonoBlix Party, responsible for party policy.

Person PSC Position State Position (if applicable)
President Dr. Katie Lee General Secretary and Leader President of the PDRD
Prime Minister Jeffrey R. Williams Party Secretary and Deputy Leader Prime Minister of the PDRD
Lori Axelrod Party Secretary for Public Relations
Ma-Le Lang Party Secretary for Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs
Alexandre Fou Party Secretary of the Judicial Branch Minister of Justice
Elliot Fairmount Party Secretary for the Legislative Branch Gov. Leader in the House of Commons
Janet Ki Wan Party Secretary of Finances and Economy Minister of Finance
Te Ye Wan Party Secretary of Discipline Government Whip in the House of Commons
Déloré Vanier Party Secretary for Reform Implementation Government Whip in the Senate
Bashma al-Halees Party Secretary of Domestic Affairs President of the Queens' Privy Council
Di Lilu Party Secretary for the Societal Renaissance
Theresa MacDonnell Party Secretary for National Defense Minister of National Defense
Yvonne McNamara Party Secretary for Party Affairs

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