The Park of the Oara is the largest necropolis on Earth. An estimated 83% of all of the Urban Blix Area's deceased are buried in this necropolis.

The park was first created in 1934 as a modest Japanese cemetery, intended to serve Oara Shi's blossoming Japanese population. In 1947, the Equatorian cemetery was filled after over one hundred years as the largest cemetery in the UBA. L'Îcone was created with its northern sections intended to replace the Equatorian cemetery, however, it was believed the new Îcone cemetery would likely be full within 50 years. The Park of the Oara was the only other cemetery with substantial space to expand. It became the UBA's dedicated metropolis in 1948. It will not be full, even at current population rates, until the 2150s.

The park is served by the C-line of the SBU. The Park of the Oara is the terminus station for the C-line.

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