Nouvelle Montréal Sud is the capital and most populous city of the province of Vue Baie in the Région Nouvelle Montréal (RNM) on the Notre Péninsule Blixien region (Blixian Peninsula region) of Vue Baie. It is situated on the basin of the Rivère La Ritz: the Oilman Harbour (Baie Pétrolier), along with the entire RNM and Sienfield, which is situated on the Bight/Harbour edge. The city has a population of over 5.8 million and a metropolis area of nearly 20 million. Those population totals do not include an additional 4.2 million university students, primarily in Nouvelle Montréal Sud. 

The area was first settled in 1813 by its mayor Jean Delaveau and his family and friends, however there has been evidence of Indigenous settlements along the Nouvelle Seine since the 900s CE. Jean Delaveau was one of the biggest supporters of a Blixian nation besides Ronald Kay Blix. The city has since turned into a French-language anchor of the nation and the world. It is one of the most visited cities in Delongo, after South Blix and before Rupertland. It is ranked as the fourth best city to visit and the fifth best city to live in according to The Delongonian. It has become one of the world's major cities, and was on the edge of surpassing South Blix as the cultural anchor of the nation until the Great Blix Depression hit, which the RNM has only recently recovered from.

In the centuries since its settlement, Nouvelle Montréal Sud has developed into a global icon of the French language and of Blixian/Delongonian identity. It's Tour de la Souveraineté Blixien (529m, 1907) was one of the tallest structures on earth until the 1960s. Other iconic structures include the Arc Delaveau, Le Dôme de Nouvelle Montréal Sud, la Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nouvelle Montréal Sud, the campuses of the Université Française en Vue Baie, and many more. The central business district, Le Mur, is the largest dedicated business district in any french-speaking city, hosting over 900,000 daily workers and the majority of RNM's skyscrapers.


Mur-Nord (right) and the Quartier Universitaire (left)

The city is host to a major international airport: Nouvelle Montréal Sud Delaveau International Airport. It is also the hub of the provincial road network and of a major portion of the Blixian Peninsula highway network thanks to major tourism from the UBA and Clifton Area. The city is also home to one of the busiest rapid-transit system in the world: the Nouvelle Montréal Métropolitan, which serves over five million passengers a day.



Tour de la Souveraineté Blixien

La Région Nouvelle Montréalais is one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth.

Tourism is concentrated to the arrondisements of Le Mur (including Mur-Nord, Mur-Est, Mur-Sud, and Mur-Ouest), le Quartier Havre, le Vieux-Ville, le Quartier Universitaire, and Cirque Rouen.

Tourism is concentrated on several popular streets:

  • Boul. Rubicam, situated in Le Mur. It is the epicentre of the global French media.



Each of Paris's 20 arrondissements has its own town hall and a directly elected council (conseil d'arrondissement), which, in turn, elects an arrondissement mayor.

Arrondisement Population Year Settled Year Arrondisement Established
Quartier Havre 350,000 1813 1824 (as Quartier Delaveau)
Le Mur 135,000 1814 1824 (including Mur-Est, and Mur-Nord)
Vieux-Ville 47,000 1814 1824 (as Sur l'Havre)
Quartier Universitaire 320,000 1815 1824
Toulon 78,000 1818 1824
Cirque Rouen 303,000 1819 1824 (including Mur-Sud)
Étienne-sur-Ritz 203,000 1823 1824
Orléans 214,000 1820 1826
Enghien-Sannois 172,000 1831 1831
Villevaudé 53,000 1842 1847
Lyon-sur-Ritz 96,000 1847 1847
Mur-Est 343,000 1814 1848
Mur-Nord 207,000 1814 1848
Mur-Ouest 103,000 1814 1848
Mur-Sud* 109,000 1814 1848
Delaveau 380,000 1823 1858 (including l'Île Créteil, Reinne, Javel)
Les Champs-sur-Siene 220,000 1852 1859
Côte-Parc 104,000 1860 1862
Boulogne 112,000 1858 1862
Montmorency-sur-l'Havre 204,000 1854 1862
Torcy 210,000 1855 1863
Argenteuil 184,000 1870 1874
Besançon 120,000 1874 1877
Aimens 74,000 1872 1877
Champigny 242,000 1839 1877
Champlain-Marois 340,000 1842 1877
Yvelines 39,000 1818 1880
Javel 21,000 1823 1893
Reinne 83,000 1823 1893
l'Île Créteil 480,000 1823 1893
Louvre-Sud 300,000 1858 1926

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