Following is a list of newspapers by circulation.



Newspaper Region Circulation
1 Globe Interest UNLA 257,000,000 (70m PDRD)
2 The Blix Times UBA 125,000,000 (89m PDRD)
3 Journal de Notre Péninsule RNM 32,000,000 (8m PDRD)
4 The Newland Reporter RL 25,000,000 (23m PDRD)
5 Morning Briefing UNLA 23,000,000 (22m PDRD)
6 Evening Edition UNLA 19,000,000
7 The Mail UNLA 18,000,000
8 Matewood Edition UMA 9,000,000
9 The Post UBA 8,200,000
10 The Herald UBA 8,000,000

Weekly or Other Irregular scheduling

Rank Newspaper Region Circulation Schedule
1 People's Empirical Weekly domestic 250,000,000 Weekly
2 The Delongonian n/a 110,000,000 Weekly
3 The Worker of the PDRD domestic 76,000,000 Bi-weekly
4 半岛报 domestic 67,000,000 M,W,F,Sa
5 Times of Soleil Boulevard UBA 62,000,000 Tu, Th, Su
6 La Revue- édition hebdomadaire intl 28,000,000 Weekly
7 صحيفة الجزيرة domestic 25,000,000

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