Several of the world's most visited cities on earth are situated in Delongo. The list only ranks international visitors and does not include airport traffic (e.g. layovers), nor does it include people who spend less than three hours in the city.

City International Visitors Top Attraction
South Blix, QB 115,000,000 Appalachio Square, Marci Square
Nouvelle Montréal Sud, VB 21,500,000 La Tour and Le Mur
South Matewood, NA 20,000,000 Downtown
Rupertland, NR 19,500,000 City of Rupert and City of Lincoln
Jala, QB 17,500,000 Jala Core
West New London, UNLA 17,500,000 Old New London
Clifton Valley, LF 13,100,000 Casino Central

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