Monarchial Rupertland Society (1303-1817) was one of the greatest and most intelligent societies the Earth has ever seen over its 500+ years.


The Philosophical developments of the society are some of the most advanced in pre-Industrial revolution times. The Monarch column will only list the Monarchs under whom the Philosopher was active.

Philosopher Accomplishments Monarch
Witch Helina (1364-1480) While much of her life remains unknown, Helina is one of the most famous people from the Rupertland empire. She promoted an Abrahamic lifestyle, and often spoke publicly against the Rupertist religion. She is most famous for her remarkably accurate prophecies. It is believed, with good sources, that Helina was born in Western China, and walked the Silk Road to Britain where she went to Rupertland and created the settlement in Mount Zion. In the 1991 the Catholic Church named her a Saint. Elijah I, Emile, Buster, Arthur
Xander Phoenix (1485-1538) Xander was one of the first Existentialists and is often credited as having started the philosophy. He lived in Rupertland, and was an outspoken atheist anti-Monarchist. He was killed once King Luchner came to power in his "Purge of the Satanic Filth." Lave, Ruberta I, Luchner
Nomono (1470-1539) Nomono is frequently credited as one of the greatest philosophers of pre-modern times. She founded Nomonism, a philosophical movement dedicated to the advancement of human intelligence. Antimonarchist and agnostic, she was killed in the Purges of the Satanic Filth as well. Nomono tried to flee to the New World once Luchner came to power, knowing of his ill-intent after he allegedly raped her before rising to power. Lave, Ruberta I

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