Marci Ann Blix (1809-1897) is a renowned figure of the establishment of the Blixian Empire; known as the "founding mother" and was the third President of Blix. She was instrumental in ensuring positive relations with Indigenous Blixians (including Rupertlanders), and maintained strong diplomatic relations with the Murphys (New London), and even with the MacLennans (Matewood). Without her, it is unlikely that the Blixian Empire would have been united. She was the

Ronald Kay Blix (1793-1864)


  • 1809-1810: El Kala, French Algeria
  • ~1810-1813: London
  • 1813: Oilman
  • 1814: Mindon
  • 1815-1817: Matewood
  • 1817-1828: South Blix (marries Ronald Kay Blix in 1828, during the Blixian Civil War)
  • 1828: Dimin
  • 1828-1830: New London
  • 1830-41: South Blix (founded Blix University with Ronald Kay Blix, served as a Lecturer in English and French Literature during this time)
  • 1841-43: Matewood (serving as Blixian Commissioner to New Adimoore)
  • 1843-44: Nimbus Calc (serving as Blixian Commissioner to New Adimoore)
  • 1844: Matewood (serving as Blixian Commissioner to New Adimoore)
  • 1844-45: Oilman (serving as Blixian Commissioner to New Adimoore)
  • 1845-47: South Blix
  • 1847-49: Nouvelle Montréal Sud (serving as Blixian Commission to the French Hills)
  • 1849-51: South Blix
  • 1851-1859: Nouvelle Montréal Sud
  • 1859-1864: South Blix (returned after RKB's sudden illness and recovery in 1859-60, stayed as the two tried to mend their marriage. RKB Assassinated in 1864, causing her to flee the city due to the constant sadness she felt her)
  • 1865-66: New London (period of personal recovery begins, she starts her 'poetry of melancholy' collection)
  • 1866-67: Rupertland City
  • 1867: Apollo, Emileville
  • 1867-79: New London (self-proclaimed "temporary exit from period of personal recovery;" served as President of Blix from 1873-1879)
  • 1879: South Blix (re-enters her period of personal recovery, finishes her 'poetry of melancholy' collection, which she publishes in 1980)
  • 1879-82: Iconic, West Blix, Ferry Hills
  • 1882-84: London, England
  • 1884-85: Paris, France (as advocate for decolonialization)
  • 1885-89: French Algeria
  • 1889-91: South Blix (writes poetry collection called 'period of self-discovery')
  • 1891-93: Nouvelle Montréal Sud (Lecturer at UFVB, fierce advocate for Dr. Guy St-Denis' dismissal from the university for his misogynistic behaviour, suggests Hoang Lee would be a suitable replacement)
  • 1893-97: French Algeria (writes poetry collection called 'death by empirical frustration,' published in 1896. Begins an unfinished poems, which were called: 'mont d'auchtoch and apologies to the euylize,' 'toxic polluter,' and 'south blix: the marks by marx')
  • 1897: Death

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