This is a list of notable MPs in the House of Commons.

MP Riding Party Notability
Jeffrey R. Williams Triguard-Lakes, CT MonoBlix Prime Minister
Anna Clarke Le Mur Parfait, VB MonoBlix Deputy Prime Minister
Janet Ki Wan Lower Bronx- Evelyn, UNLA MonoBlix Finance Minister
Alexandre Fou Nouvelle Seine- Le Mur, VB MonoBlix Justice Minister
Theresa MacDonnell Nimbus-Westingham, CL MonoBlix National Defence Minister
Ma-Le Lang Soleil-Apalachio Southwest, QB MonoBlix Foreign Affairs Minister
Richard DeLaPiece Murphson-Soleil, QB MonoBlix Education Minister
Babar Aushe New Hague- Metz, RB MonoBlix Health Minister
Quin Quess Justlynn Centre, JA MonoBlix Aboriginal Affairs Minister
Ross Greene South Matewood-Studios, NA MonoBlix Public Works Minister
Davis Thorne Kota Peninsula, QB MonoBlix Employment Minister
Jean Darefoore 1er Arrondisment Nord- NMN, VB MonoBlix French Minister
Yve Il-Moore Jala-Oakley, QB MonoBlix Chinese Dialects Minister
Anderson al-Lamb al-Mansura- Quink, QB MonoBlix Arabic Minister
Eeve Ilkaboub Ahmadabad Centre-South, QB MonoBlix Visual Minorities Minister
Eliza Ray Justalign Belt, JA MonoBlix Northern Development Minister
Elizabeth Chiu Euylize-North, NA MonoBlix Environment Minister
Guy Fournée Parc Valjean, VB MonoBlix Transportation Minister
Temaney Johnson Blockton-Capital, LF MonoBlix Veterans' Affairs Minister
Emilie Jens Soleil-Latin-West, QB MonoBlix Citizenship Minister
Yvonne Days Nimbus Calc Port, CL MonoBlix Labour and Trade Minister
Uylkey Lauwer Dimin Downtown South, CT MonoBlix Resources Minister
Michael Jones New Suez, NA MonoBlix Industry Minister
Jean Quatre Ville Rustic-Pluie, VB MonoBlix Heritage Minister
Tee Ye Wawn Independence Toll, UNLA MonoBlix Government Whip
James Grotes Rupertland Palaces, RL MonoBlix President, Royal Privy Council
Elliot Fairmount Rupertland-St.Paul, RL MonoBlix Gov Leader in HoC
Jay Delight New London-

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