This list of largest universities by enrollment in Delongo includes total active enrollment across all campuses (including off campus study). Enrollment numbers listed are the sum of undergraduate and graduate students in active enrollment. Universities included below confer degrees of bachelor-level or higher and either share a central board of governance and a single chancellor or president, or confer degrees with the same institution name.

Enrollment for 2016-17 school year.

P.U. = Provincial University -  C.U. = City University

Institution Location Enrollment Founded
L'Université Française en Vue Baie - Nouvelle Montréal Sud Nouvelle Montréal Sud 1,136,000 1815
City University New London West New London 770,000 1804
City University Rupertland Rupertland City 752,000 1425
P.U. Quad Blix- South Blix South Blix 680,000 1857
P.U. New Adimoore- Matewood South Matewood 610,000 1817
Bernard University South Blix 600,850 1822
Dumezweni University South Blix 564,000 1926
Dimin Centre for Learnt Peoples Dimin 521,000 1634
City University South Blix South Blix 520,000 1820
Universitaire de Ville Nouvelle Montréalais Sud Nouvelle Montréal Sud 512,000 1904
Marci Square University South Blix 500,000 1821
King Rupert the Divine University Rupertland City 486,000 1320
New Oxford Wrexham-O-N-T 459,000 1358
Blix University South Blix 415,000 1834
University of West Blix West Blix 408,000 1981
Ruberta College Ruberta 397,000 1532
P.U. Quad Blix- West Blix South Blix 350,000 2003
P.U. Quad Blix- Jala Jala 337,000 1930
P.U. New Adimoore- Studio Hills Studio Hills 310,000 2000
National University West New London 304,000 2013
الجامعة العربية من الغرب West Blix 294,000 2010
English University of New Montreal South Nouvelle Montréal Sud 287,000 1863
الجامعة العربية من الغرب نيو لندن West New London 280,000 2011
尚磊大学 (Shàng lěi dàxué) West New London 264,000 1953
Emile University in Ruberta Ruberta 213,000 1619
Emile University in Emileville Emileville 204,000 1602
Novam Academiam Londini Elite West New London 203,000 1823
People's University: Jala Jala 200,000 2011
Westminster University West New London 199,000 1603
南布利克斯大学 South Blix 195,000 1894
Université Vue Baie à N.M. Sud Nouvelle Montréal Sud 193,000 1839
Université Nouvelle Montréalais Nouvelle Montréal Sud 190,000 1823
L'Université Populaire: Nouvelle Montréal Sud Nouvelle Montréal Sud 157,000 2012
新蒙特利尔的中国大学 Nouvelle Montréal Sud 154,000 1869
新モントリオールの日本大学 Nouvelle Montréal Sud 103,000 1894
Royal University Lincoln Rupertland 102,000 1580

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