This table shows the largest city propers in Delongo, and lists all cities over one million. Of all of Delongo's population, 419,549,000 people live in cities of over one million people or 78% of all Delongonians, which is the highest percentage of any country's population in the world. 


PotCo= Province of the City of...

City Province Population (2013)
South Blix Quad Blix 287,000,000
South Matewood New Adimoore 41,100,000
West New London Greater New London 34,379,000
Studio Hills New Adimoore 25,400,000
East Blix Quad Blix 22,400,000
Kota Fushinee Quad Blix 15,800,000
Rupertland New Rupertland 5,600,000
Jala Quad Blix 9,500,000
Staed Quad Blix 9,300,000
Sasin Greater New London 6,090,000
Foxton Claymore Tri 4,980,000
New Blix Quad Blix 7,000,000
Guagzhou Xin Quad Blix 6,900,000
New Vancouver Greater New London 3,800,000
New Sienfield Greater New London 3,640,000
Nouvelle Montréal Sud Vue Baie 5,846,000
Nimbus Calc Calclyn 2,750,000
New Dimin Greater New London 2,900,000
Ferry Hills Vue Baie 2,152,000
North Blix Quad Blix 5,900,000
East New London Urban New London 2,100,000
Sienfield P.C. Sienfield 2,100,000
Ruberta New Rupertland 2,000,000
Socton Urban New London 2,000,000
Nouvelle Montréal Nord Vue Baie 1,950,000
Ips New Rupertland 1,900,000
Mindon Ryanby 1,803,000
Wrexham-on-New Trent New Rupertland 1,800,000
Orthoson Urban New London 1,750,000
Afee Urban New London 1,725,000
North Matewood New Adimoore


Oilman Ryanby 1,680,000
New Moore New Adimoore 1,650,000
Colov Quad Blix 1,600,000
Newville New Adimoore 1,600,000
Greater Kingston Quad Blix 1,500,000
Hornson New Adimoore 1,500,000
Rhyl Quad Blix 1,500,000
Lexi Urban New London 1,450,000
Bangalore Quad Blix 1,400,000
Filville New Adimoore 1,200,000
The Dartford Urban New London 1,200,000
Tonne City New Rupertland 1,200,000
Nouvelle Paris Vue Baie 1,135,000
Caps New Rupertland 1,125,000
Coasttown Las Forstain 1,115,000
Emileville New Rupertland 1,100,000
Iconic Liverpool Quad Blix 1,100,000
Laurien Urban New London 1,100,000
Oceanview New Rupertland 1,100,000
New Thames Urban New London 1,050,000
Landsmouth New Rupertland 1,004,000
Laurndon New Adimoore 1,000,000
New Birmingham Quad Blix 1,000,000
North Morris Quad Blix 1,000,000

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