This is a list of residences occupied by the Rupertland Royal Family, noting the seasons of the year they are traditionally occupied. Members of the Royal Family inhabit their range of residences across the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo. Some are royal palaces, owned by the Crown and held in trust by the monarch; others are privately owned and have been inherited as private property for several generations. Other royal palaces are no longer residences.


Palace Location Occupant Notes
Rupert Palace City of Rupert'Rupertland City Reigning monarch:'Queen Ruberta III,

Princess Mariliselle II

Honoured guests

Occupied nearly all weekdays and most Saturdays.
Emile Palace Emileville Reigning monarch *The summer palace for vacationing
Ruberta Residence Ruberta Reigning monarch For royal visits
Ips Residence Ips Reigning monarch For royal visits
Westlands Castle Westampton Reigning monarch For royal visits
New Trent Lodge Wrexham-on-New Trent Reigning monarch For royal visits
Lave Residence City of Rupert'Rupertland City Heir apparent of the throne: Princess Julia* Occupied most Mondays-Saturdays '* Even though Julia is third-in-line, she holds Lave until Mariliselle II ages.
Castle of Little Wye Little Wye Heir apparent of the throne *Their summer palace
Patrick Place Tonne Heir apparent of the throne For royal visits
Palace-on-Wye Wye'Rupertland City Third-in-line to the Throne: Princess Lisbeth Occupied most Mondays-Saturdays
Irongate Alfred Isle Third-in-line to the Throne *Their summer palace
The Clacton Estate Clacton (Ruberta Area) Third-in-line to the Throne For royal visits
Grand Crawley SouthEast Fourth-in-line to the Throne: Princess Lave Occupied year-round
The Weseopic Alfrebury

Rupertland City

Fourth-in-line to the Throne For royal visits
Castle on the Wall Emileville Wall Fourth-in-line to the Throne *Their summer palace
Alfred VII Palace Elijah Fifth-in-line to the Throne: Prince Elijah III Occupied year round
Palace on Hill St. Paul Hill St. Paul

Rupertland City

All Rupertland Area royal family Occupied on Sundays following Cathedral service

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