Here is a complete list of Delongonian Presidents. This list includes Presidents of the Country of Delongo, Province of Delongo and Blix Regional Municipality.

# President Party Term Notes
1 Ronald Kay Blix MonoBlix 12 June 1814 - 12 June 1864 First President of Delongo. He worked on the Sienfield Act, the constitution, and the Blixian Civil War. Served 13 terms (2min, 11 maj). Socialist.
2 Jonathan Harvey MonoBlix 9 July 1864 - 11 May 1872 Progressive, introduced health care, and increased taxes signficantly. Served 4 terms (1min, 3maj).
3 Jacob Iliza Tri 11 May 1872- 8 January 1889 Populist, centre. Served 6 terms (6min)
4 Luke Keigan Communist 8 January 1889 - 3 March 1901 Left-wing, communist. Introduced higher taxes, and more social services. Lead to hundreds of protests in Matewood. Served 3 terms (3min)
5 Dwight Stewart III Liberal 3 March 1901- 6 April 1927 Centre. Served 5 terms (4maj, 1min). Lowered taxes. Lead during WWI, and during early Blix popularity. 
6 Elanor Kirk Conservative 21 May 1927- 3 September 1934 Resigned after Opp. Leader (Liberal) Harry Mile was killed by a Conservative staffer. Was arrested in 1935. Served 2 terms (2min) during Sienfield hayday. 
7 Rob Desplat Indepedent 30 September 1934- 1 October 1937 Popular pre-war figure, wasn't re-elected because he wasn't seen as a potential leader druing wartime (WWII). Served 1 term (1min)
8 Gary Day MonoBlix 1 October 1937- 11 May 1946 Popular war leader. He introduced further socialism, increased taxes, and decided to cut back Blixian action in WWII. Served 4 terms (1min, 3 maj)
9 George Erique Anti-Poverty Coalition (Capitalist) 11 May 1946- 31 October 1954 He was hit by scandal after his term due to billions in funding for Outnyleon. He cut back taxes, social programs, opened free trade, etc. Served 3 terms (3min). APC Party formed by Old Capitalist and Conservative parties, who seperated in 1969.
10 Rory DeRoyale Anti-Poverty Coalition (Con.) 31 October 1954 - 2 July 1962 Announced the Great Blix Depression in 1961. Died due to stress 2 weeks after not being re-elected. Also part of Outnyleon scandal. Served 3 terms (3min)
11 Jack Morale III Independent 2 July 1962- 16 April 1963 Right-wing. Died while in office. Served a term (1min)
12 Jak Morrison Anti-Poverty Coalition (Capitalist) 17 May 1963- 2 October 1963 Died while in office due to stress. Part of Outnyleon scandal. Served a term (1min). No election held post-mortem. 
13 Lori Davis Anti-Poverty Coalition (Capitalist) 2 October 1963- 16 December 1967 Deputy leader of APC, automatically became leader after death of Morrison. Resigned before election. Not a Outnyleon member. Served a term (1min)
14 Ann Steeves Anti-Poverty Coalition (Con.) 16 December 1967- 18 May 1968 Member of the Outnyleon. Overthrown after multiple failed budgets. Served a term (1min).
15 Francois Roi American 18 May 1968 - 15 May 1969 Right-wing, capitalist. Supported Americanization of Blix and statehood. Member of the Outnyleon. Assinated in 1982. Overthrown after failed budgets. Served a term (1min)
16 Ted Williams Eternal Witness 15 May 1969- 9 May 1970 Right-wing, Christian fundamentalist. Member of the Outnyleon. Ovethrown after failed budgets. Served a term (1min)
17 Jason Kennedy II Conservative 9 May 1970- 14 March 1974 Centre-right. Old APC member. Outnyleon member. He scored a narrow majority in 1970, but failed to conquer the GBD. Served a term (1maj). 
18 Aislyn MacLeod Capitalist 14 March 1974- 19 May 1975 Right-wing, old APC member. Outnyleon member. Overthrown after failed budgets. Served a term (1min)
19 Oscar Jobs Blix Bloc 19 May 1975 - 30 September 1979 Very controversial President. Blix seperatist, centre-right. He promised Quad Blix seperation, but never fulfilled due to Outnyleon money being sent to him. Served a term (1maj).
20 Alec Ross Greater Blix 30 September 1979 - 3 May 1980 Blix and VB seperatist, right-wing. Never fulfilles seperation due to Outnyleon money. Overthrown after failed budgets. Served a term (1min)
21 Stephen Rigby Conservative 3 May 1980- 14 October 1984 Centre-right. Outnyleon member. Overthrown by mass protest in New London after he extended his term by an additonal year. Served a term (1maj)
22 Elizabeth Isanor Eternal Witness 14 October 1984-  17 May 1986 Took office by protest, and was recognized as illegitmate by cons. She later merged with Capitalist party. Right wing. Resigned after failed budgets. Served a term (1min)
23 Mike Fraser Capitalist 17 May 1986 - 20 February 1989 Not elected; took office of Isanor after her resignation. Member of the Outnyleon.  Right-wing. Served a term (1min)
24 Hook Nin-Yee Wildlife 20 February 1989- 4 May 1992 Elected due to increase in rural ridings and a new conservative policy. Overthrown after multiple failed budgets. Member of Outnyleon. Served a term (1min)
25 Merissa MacDonald Conservative 13 August 1992- 25 August 1996 Centrist. Her policies continue to fail to improve lives of Blixians. Member of the Outnyleon. Served a term (1maj)
26 Josiah Fortney Liberal 25 August 1996- 2 July 1997 Centrist. Last PM to serve only during GBD. Policies did not improve GBD conditions. Stoped sending money to Outnyleon. Resigned/ overthrown after being caught investing in SSX illegally. Served a term (1min). 
27 Ryan Rowling Tri-Party 2 July 1997- 24 April 2011 First left-wing President during GBD, he brought Blix out of GBD permanently after successful campaign to return Blixians to the left after nearly 40 years of right-wing policies that "allowed for the GBD in the first place". Assainated in office. Served five terms (4maj, 1min)
28 Katie Lee Tri-Party 29 May 2011- 6 March 2012 Left-wing, socialist. She took over after Rowling' assaination. After being assaulted sexually consistently in the Tri-Party, she quietly resigned her seat. She made Blix a nation called Delongo.  Served one term (1min)
29 Jake Issac Tri-Party 7 April 2012- 9 May 2013 Centrist. He took Katie Lee's presidency after her resignation. He was overthrown in the HoC and Senate  after Lee's story was leaked by The Delongonian. Served one term (1min)
28 Katie Lee MonoBlix 1 June 2013- present Socialist. She returned to poltitics and rejuvenated the MonoBlix party after her story leaked, and recovered. Introduced socialism to Delongo, etc.  Has served 1 term (1maj). 

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