Here is a complete list of Delongonian Presidents. This list includes Presidents of the Country of Delongo, Province of Delongo and Blix Regional Municipality.

Why were there so many Presidents during the Great Blix Depression?

The people of the BRM could never come to a decision together. Every single governemnt elected during the Great Blix Depression were in a very small minority. The Government would fall after making any mistake of any size.

The List

There have been 54 parliaments of the PDRD/Blix, and 37 Presidents.

President Term Governments
1a Ronald Kay Blix (First term)

MonoBlix, South Blix. Twelve parliaments.

2 Jonathan HarveyTri, Matewood. One parliament. 1852-1856
1b Ronald Kay Blix (Second term)

MonoBlix, South Blix. Three parliaments.

3 Riland MurphyTri, Oilman. Four parliaments. 1863-1872
4 Marci Ann BlixMonoBlix, South Blix/Nouvelle Montréal Sud. Two parliaments. 1872-1879
5 Jacob IlizaMonoBlix, Old Iconic. Three parliaments. 1879-1889
6 Luc KéiganCommunist, Nouvelle Montréal Nord. One. 1889-1901
7 Dwight Stewart IIILiberal, Rural South Blix. Eight. 1901-1927
8 Eleanor KirkConservative, Dimin. Four parliaments. 1927-1934
9 Rob Desplat Liberal, Foxton. One. 1934-1937
10 Gary Day Conservative, South Matewood. Three. 1937-1946
11 George Erique Anti-Poverty, South Matewood. Two. 1946-1954
12 Rory DeRoyale Conservative, Rupertland. Three. 1954-1962
13 Jack Morale IIIAnti-Poverty, Mindon. One half. 1962-1963
14 Jak MorrisonAnti-Poverty, Oilman. One fifth (interim leader). 1963
15 Lori DavisAnti-Poverty, North Blix. One third. 1963-1964
16 Ann Steves Conservative, Coasttown. One. 1964-1966
17 Francois Roi American, North Matewood. One. 1966-1967
18 Ted WilliamsEternal, Foxton. Two. 1967-1970
19 Jason Kennedy IIConservative, Blockton. One half. 1970-1971
20 Don LexarLiberal, Ruberta. One half (through non-confidence) 1971-1974
21 Aislyn MacLeod Conservative, South Matewood. One. 1974-1976
22 Anne FlynnLiberal, Waten. One. 1976-1977
23 Harry MacIsaac Conservative, Mainview. One 1977-1979
24 Oscar Jobs Blix Bloc, Ferry Hills. One. 1979-1980
25 Alec Ross Greater Blix, South Blix. One 1980-1982
26 Benjamin Potter Liberal, New Moore. One. 1982-1983
27 Stephen Rigby Conservative, Studio Hills. One. 1983-1985
28 Maria Jensen Liberal, Leslonite/North Blix. One parliament. 1985-1986
29 Elizabeth Isanor Humanity, Rhyl. One. 1986-1988
30 Mike Fraser Conservative, North Matewood. One. 1988-1989
31 Iris Macdonnell Liberal, Foxton. One 1989-1991
32 Peter Hughes Democratic, West New London. One. 1991-1992
33 Steven Jackson Liberal, South Matewood. One half. 1992-1993
34 Jason WellLiberal, Daisifox. One half. 1993-1995
35 Merissa MacdonaldConservative, Mt. Zion. One. 1995-1997
36 Ryan RowlingTri, East Nimbus Calc/South Blix. Four. 1997-2011 Rowling I,

Rowling II,

Rowling III,

Rowling IV

37a Katie LeeTri, East Nimbus Calc. One half. 2011-2012 Lesguilards I
38 Jake IsaacTri, South Blix. One half. 2012-2013 Lesguilards II
37b Katie LeeMonoBlix, Nimbus Calc. Two. 2013- Wiliams I,

Williams II

President Term Notes
Katie Lee; Mono-Blix Part 2013- Ran under the the Mono-Blix party instead of the Tri Party due to sexism and abuse within the party.
Jake Issac ; Tri-Party 2012 First President of the country of Delongo
Katie Lee; Tri-Party 2011-2012 Last President of the BRM, only President of the province of Delongo.
Ryan Rowling ; Tri-Party 1997-2011 Assainated. Most famous President of the BRM. Elected: 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2010.
Merissa MacDonald; Conservative 1995-1997 Last President to have a full term during the Great Blix Depression. Also a known member of the Outnyleon.*
Jason Well, Liberal 1993-1995
Steven Jackson; NDP 1992-1993 Known member of the Outnyleon.*
Peter Hughes; NDP 1991-1992
Iris MacDonnell; Liberal 1989-1991 Known member of the Outnyleon.*
Mike Fraser; Conservative 1988-1989 Known member of the Outnyleon.*
Elizabeth Isanor; Humanity 1986-1988 Only President of the Humanity Party of Delongo. Died two days after resignation due to stress during the term.
Maria Jensen; Liberal 1985-1986
Stephen Rigby; Conservative 1983-1985 Known member of the Outnyleon.*
Benjamin Potter; NDP 1982-1983 Died on March 22nd, 1983 due to stress.
Alec Ross; Greater Blix 1980-1982 Last President of the Greater Blix Party.

Oscar Jobs; Blix Bloc

1979-1980 Only President of the Blix Bloc. He almost successfully removed the Quad-Blix from the BRM in 1980, his governemnt then fell.
Harry MacIssac; Independant 1977-1979 Known member of the Outnyleon.*
Anne Flynn; Independant 1976-1977

Known member of the Outnyleon.*

Aislyn MacLeod; Conservative 1974-1976
Don Lexar; Liberal 1971-1974 First Liberal President of Delongo. Died on December 3rd, 1974 due to stress.
Jason Kennedy II; Conservative 1970-1971 Known member of the Outnyleon.*
Ted Williams; Eternal 1967-1970 Last President of the Eternal Witness Party of the BRM, as it would go Bankrupt do to the GBD (Great Blix Depression).
Francois Roi; American 1966-1967 Only President of the American Party of the BRM. He would be assainated in 1982. Known member of the Outnyleon.*
Ann Steeves; Conservative 1964-1966 First known President of BRM & member of the Outnyleon.*
Lori Davis; Anti-Poverty 1963-1964 Last President of the Anti-Poverty Party.
Jak Morrison; Anti-Poverty 1963 Died on October 2nd, 1963 due to stress.
Jack Morale III; Independant 1962-1963 First President to reign only during the GBP. He died on April 16th, 1963 due to stress.

Rory DeRoyale; Conservative

1954-1962 Announced the GBD in 1961, resigned due to a over-stress in July 1962. He died two weeks later.
George Erique; Anti-Poverty 1946-1954 First President of the Anti-Poverty Party of the BRM.
Gary Day; Conservative 1937-1946 Term was during WWII. He decided that Delongo would have miniscule action in the war.
Rob Desplat; Independant 1934-1937
Eleanor Kirk; Conservative 1927-1934 Goverment fell after a official oposition leader, Harry Mile was kiled. Kirk was arrested, and died in prison in 1941.
Dwight Stewart III; Conservati. 1901-1927 Well-liked, resigned due to family complications. First President of the Conservative Municipal Party of Blix.
Luke Keigan; Communist 1889-1901 Only President of the Communist Party of Blix.
Jacob Iliza; Mono-Blix 1879-1889
Marci Ann Blix 1872-79 First Woman President of Blix, first Person of Colour as President of Blix
Jonathan Harvey; MonoBlix 1864-1872
Ronald Kay Blix; MonoBlix 1813-1864 First President of Delongo. His starting year is agrued, as it was never officially declared. "He was just always President". Some say 1814. This wiki believes it to be 1813.
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* represents data collected from Mr. Hugh Outnyleon during trial.