List of the largest city centres in Delongo


City Centre Location Notes
Marci Square South Blix Largest in the world
Beckerham South Blix
Downtown Matewood South Matewood
Clifton Valley Clifton Valley, LF
Downtown Jala Jala, QB
West New London CBD West New London CBD = Central Business District
Le Mur Nouvelle Montréal Sud
Studio Hills Centre Studio Hills, NA
City of Lincoln Rupertland City
Sengkong South Blix
Downtown West Blix West Blix
Bedok South Blix
King's Fort South Blix
Hockley South Blix
Knottip South Blix
West South Blix
Bankshire South Blix
White Wall South Blix
Poplar  South Blix
Downtown Foxton Foxton
Centre Dimin Dimin, CT
Manlieu South Blix
Downtown Scorch Island South Blix
Downtown Ruberta Rubert, NR

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