7 June 1813


Renaud Picard

City Proper Population

1,800,000 (2015)

L'aire urbaine Population

2,100,000 (2015)

L'Anjou sur Carsonne is the fourth most populous city of Vue Baie and is the largest city of the Région du Nord of Vue Baie. It is situated roughly 200km north of the Région Nouvelle Montréalais on the Rivère Carsonne-- only 2km from that river's merger with the Nouvelle Seine. The city is known for its uniquely Parisian character, and has been called the most European city outside of Europe. The city has a population of roughly 1.8 million, with 2.1 million in the Panier Angevine Métropolitane (la PAM)

L'Anjou is home to several post-secondary institutions: L'Université de Vue Baie à L'Anjou (UVBA), Université Français à Vue Baie: Campus L'AngevinL'Université Angevin, L'École Polytechnique Angevin, Collège-sur-Carsonne, and Collège Limogues.

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