The Kota National Construction Corporation is a crown-corporation that currently operates out of Kota Fushinee, Quad-Blix. KNCC was established by the Delongo Ministry to constuct the entire city of Kota Fushinee for 2014. They completed the entire city holding ten million people. KNCC has since developed a prestigious reputation as one of the best and fastest city-builders in the world. With over 100,000 employees across Delongo, it is becoming a major national employer. 

Future Projects

KNCC has been commissioned to complete the following projects:

  • 2015: Rhyl, QB (along with four other major groups) 
  • 2015: Kinjing, QB (located just outside of the UBA- will hold five million people currently hold 4,500)
  • 2016: East New London, UNLA (will rejuvinate the entire city before its merger with West New London).
  • 2016: Université Francais a Vue Baie "Dorm City" (will hold over 100,000 students in Nouvelle Montréal Sud).
  • 2017: Studio Hills, NA (will complete Phase Four to make city 100% high rises)
  • 2018: 

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