King Wilfrid

Full Title

His Majesty King Wilfrid, King of Rupertland, Prince of the City of Lincoln, Ruler of the Westland Mountains, Saviour of Hill St. Paul, Emperor of Little Wye, Baron of the Sea, Duke of the Northland, Lord of the East, Caeser of the South, Father of Princesses, and Sovereign of the Harbour


10 March 1972-26 August 2014


Queen Ella


Queen Ruberta III


Princess Ruberta (m. 1949)


Prince John, Prince of Ips (d. 1990); Princess Julia, Princess of the Plains; Princess Lisbeth, Princess of Emileville

Full Name

Wilfrid Josiah Convention




Queen Ella and Prince Howard


31 October 1928 - 26 August 2014

King Wilfrid was King of Rupertland from 10 March 1972 to 26 August 2014. He was the last Emperor of Newland after Rupertland recognized the indepedence of the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo.

During King Wilfrid's reign, the Rupertland archipelagic region began to slowly stabalize after the Great Blix Depression. Towards the end of his reign, Rupertland unarguably began to thrive. King Wilfrid signed several constitutional ammendments that made the Blix Regional Municipality a province, followed by a nation, followed by the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo, and signed for the introduction of the Socialist Act (2013), the Constitution Act (2014), the Equality Act (2014), and the Bank Act (2014). He also signed other major pieces of legislation including Ryan Rowling's Act for Rupertland (2003), the Nation in Nation Resolution (2005), and the Depression Dissolution Act (1999).

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