Jennifer Aldridge Mauricie (better known as Jenn Mauricie) is the de facto leader of the Capitalist Party in the PDRD. She was the Presidential candidate put forward by the party for the 2017 Federal Election. She has been put forward to be the official leader of the opposition in the House of Commons, as she was not elected as President and she was still at the top of the Party List for the Capitalist Party. She was incredibly popular for a right-wing leader in the PDRD, receiving 21% of the popular vote in 2017.

Jenn Mauricie was born in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. She emigrated to Delongo for her education at Capital University, where she obtained a B.Sc. in Medical Sciences. She had nearly completed her M.D. before she decided to run for the Capitalist Party in Clifton Valley in 2005. She became a popular voice of the newly-established right separatist movement; strongly supporting Katie Lee and Ryan Rowling's moves to separatism, but vehemently opposing their economic policies. She participated in the Blix negotiations, which were successful. Katie Lee has given Mauricie some credit for the success of the negotiations, saying "while I hate her policies, absolutely; her voice was a strong asset during the Blix negotiations of 2011."

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