Height restrictions in the UNLA have been enforced ever since the times of Rupertland creation of the city when no building could be taller then one meter less of the Waldren Palace. That height restriction remains in place today.

Height restrictions today

All of the city

No structure may be taller than 39m. No residential building may be taller than 35m. All building designs in the UNLA are subject to approval by the New London Capital Commission, however in most areas of the city, all designs are approved. Exemptions for height restrictions are granted on request (very few are allowed).


Residential buildings may be up to 39m. Commercial buildings are the same. No industrial buildings permitted.

Eastern Axis- Northern Axis- Royal Basin- Royal Basin Inlet

In this area, as outlined in the Highrise City Act, 2011; no building may be taller than 100m less of the Delongo Ministry building. This means that the height restriction in this area is 677m.

Lower Government District

No building may be taller then 25m, unless approved.

Independence Toll- First Wrap

No building may be taller then 10m.

First wrap- third wrap

No building may be taller then 15m.

Areas within 50m of the Waldren Fortress

These structures may be no taller then 39m. No exceptions.

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