Departure board

The Grand Appalachionic Station is the largest and only major railway station serving Appalachio. It it located on Wallace, between Nockley and Rowling streets. It was built by People's Rail (then Blixian Rail) in 1893. Today it is still owned and operated by People's Rail.

It once competed with the Soleil Rail Station, where the Blix Mall now is located. However, during the GBD, Via Rail had to sell its land, leaving only the Grand Appalachionic serving Central Appa.

Express "Take What I Give You" Affair


The station is largely considered an eyesore, which is why Express refused to have its services here. Former President Jake Isaac demanded that the new Express station to serve Appalachio would be built in the station. The station already was ridiculously over capacity. Express feared that if they were unable to offer a seamless experience, users would avoid the service. Express issued a statement, published in a full-page add on the back of the Blix Times saying that it wanted to build in the basement of the Blix Mall a mega station, rivitalizing the Soleil/Nockley station as a public service station rather than serving the Blix Mall exclusively.

Jake Isaac then said in a press scrum simply "you'll take what I give you."