The following is a list of first ministers (including Prime Ministers, Premiers, etc.) of the PDRD.

FPTP = First Past the Post system

Prop. = Mixed-member proportional representation system

Name Jurisdiction Riding Elected Party Mandate
President Katie Lee People's Democratic Republic of Delongo None 17 January 2017 MonoBlix Votes: 463,331,155 /643,515,493 (72%)
Jeffrey R. Williams People's Democratic Republic of Delongo None 9 May 2013 MonoBlix Majority (3,358/5,442) 


Laura Mellows Blix Meadows Mainview River, BM 3 March 2016 MonoBlix Majority (15/25) FPTP
Gabriel Foxe Calclyn None 3 June 2015 Capitalist Majority (63/109) Prop.
Richard Richards Carleton Guard Westfield, CG 1 Sep 2016 Capitalist Majority (60/65)


Nicholas Welsh Claymore Tri Foxton North - Tri, CT 5 May 2017 Conservative Majority (73/100) FPTP
Hannah Rickards Coastal Burnley None 1 Nov 2016 SouthWest Majority (104/180) Prop.
Sisé Fihu Euylizean Indigenous Territories None 10 January 2017 Decolonize Euylize Party (DEP) Majority



Nina Qumangipik Justaling Allenew East, JA 15 January 2016 MonoBlix Minority (11/30) Prop.
Rachel Worthton Las Forstain None 30 November 2016 Capitalist Minority (55/103) Prop.
Jiji Li New Adimoore None 1 October 2016 MonoBlix Minority (251/507) Prop.
Rima Uiu New Rupertland Knottsland, RL 13 May 2017 MonoBlix Majority (260/345) FPTP
Ma-Le Lang Quad-Blix None 25 July 2017 MonoBlix Majority (1,826/2,190) Prop.
Josh Fortscure Ryanby None 14 November 2013 MonoBlix Minority (36/100) Prop.
Elijah Fiu Tri Rocks Dimin Rocks, TR 19 February 2017 Tri Majority (50/53) FPTP
Mi Lang Greater New London East New London-Coastal, UNLA 23 October 2014 MonoBlix Majority (279/420) Prop.
Emilie Lacoste Vue Baie None 2 May 2017 MonoBlix Majority (120/205) Prop.

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