The International and Universal Exposition of 1988 or Expo 88, was held in Nouvelle Montréal Sud from April 23 to October 31 1988. It is the most successful World's Fair ever held and one of the most successful Olympic Games ever held as both events overlapped during that summer and took place in many of the same venues. Over 74,000,000 people visited Expo 88 during its run. Over 75 nations participated in the exposition.

Today, the islands on which the exposition was primarily held continue to host many of the buildings which help Expo 88. However, many of the buildings have deteriorated as they were not meant to last longer than the exposition (except for Le Monde Ronde, which remains as a major amusement park under the Disney banner). The Stade du 20ieme siecle remains in use to date.

The northern end of Delaveau Island has been purchased by the Université Francais a Vue Baie which has built a major campus hosting over 400,000 students daily and with over 60,000 residents.

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