The Delongonian federal election, 2013  was held on January 17, 2013 to elect members to the House of Commons of the Delongonian parliament, members of the Senate of Delongo, and the President of Delongo.

The writs of election for the 2013 election were issued by Governor General David Johnston on October 21, 2012. The election came after the resignation of President Jake Issac and of Prime Minister Agatha Delores, both of the Tri Party. The Governor General, Amy Dunphy and King Wilfrid, both called for an election two week following their resignation, two days after the emergency leadership convention of the Tri Party.

The MonoBlix party, led by former Tri-Party leader Katie Lee and Jeffrey R. Williams, won the election with 3,358 seats of a possible 5,442 seats, giving them a majority government mandate. The MonoBlix party had not been in government since 1889 under Jacob Illiza. The Environmentalist Party under Elizabeth Chiu/Emilie Fleuve formed official opposition with 608 seats. In May 2014, the Environmentalist party and MonoBlix party merged. SouthWest finished third (but later became official opposition) with 380 seats under Richard Raymond/Wilhelmina Yvonnick. NorthWest picked up 286 seats under Quinley Sagrass/David Applebaum. Wildlife managed 160 seats under Karen Thorne/Robert Chisholm. Capitalist scored 156 seats under Theresa Brock/Rick Davies. Français managed 142 seats under Claire Chiasson/Lauren Li Ang. BlixBloc scored 138 under Samuel Edwardian/Francis Hosé. Communists managed 124 seats with Amanda Daisie/Gerald Butt. Tri was crushed with only 64 seats under Ross DeWuess/George Twin.

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