The Climate Protection Act, 2017 (or Cli-Pro) was announced on 1 February 2017. It was brought to the floor by the Indigenous Minister, Julian Hawk, in collaboration with President Katie Lee.

"In the wake of failed negotiations with outgoing President Obama, and other world leaders; while facing the threat of President Trump, I introduce this act intended to save the climate. We are doing the maximum that we, as the PDRD, can do with so little time remaining." - President Katie Lee

  • Public Transit will become free,
  • Gas will be $2.50/litre,
  • All electricity will be generated by wind, solar, or by pre-existing hydro power plants beginning 1 July 2017,
  • Carbon tax will be put in place at $100/tonne, increasing by $50 each 1 January,
  • Carbon emissions will only be permitted by the Ministry of the Environment, permits will be required for all emissions,
  • Low carbon, vegan foods will be heavily subsidized,
  • Carbon-intensive foods will face an additional tax, based on income level (1% to 25%),

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