The C-line is the busiest and second oldest line in the South Blix Underground system. It is entirely underground, serving West Blix, Seng Keng, Marci Square, The Lorx, and Easttip. By 2020, the line will be expanded drastically to Oara Shi's Park of the Oara via Nehai, Monoheight, Ahmadabad, Al-Mansura, North Blix, and New Blix.

The C line is carried by Ohtahlay for its entirety east of Triangle, and is carried by Appledoor from Triangle to Blix Harbour. After crossing the harbour it is carried by The Osakan, which it follows all the way to Downtown West Blix. It then turns north-west bound under the Polaris Parallel until reaching the Blixian Strait. Then it crosses the strait and follows Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard until reaching Monoheight, where it turns north-west bound under The Oarionic.


A = Stops all times

W = Stops weekdays only

* = busiest exit

Stops Station Name Transfers Exits
Park of the Oara (TERMINUS) (Oara Shi)
The Oarionic/King (Monoheight)
Marx/King (North Blix)
Appledoor/Mohammad Lifolti
Appledoor/Mariliselle 95
Appledoor/Trevi 7
Soleil/Ohtahlay W S
Ohtahlay/Nomono 88, S (via corridor link to Soleil/East Jamaica)
Soleil/Waterloo B, S, 17, 43
Wallace/Le Cirque
Ohtahlay/Royal Dubois
Soleil/Ésthetique B, H, S, 18, 93
Ohtahlay/Interruption 1
Ohtahlay/Nockley B, 4
Soleil/Nockley B, F, S, W, SC, AIR, 4, 17, 24, 141, 280, Af, As
Ohtahlay/La Rambla
Ohtahlay/Quay Way
Ohtahlay/Xidan 303
Ohtahlay/Banjiayuan D, E, 100, 200, 203, 800 (via corridor link to Soleil/Marci East)
Soleil/Ohtahlay E S
Ohtahlay/The Projects
Ohtahlay/Waterloo B
Ohtahlay/The Boulevard 63
Ohtahlay/Champs-Chinois 11
Ohtahlay/Allhallon Axis
Ohtahlah/Park 300

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