Blix Heights

Federal District

Blix Heights

Provincial Districts

Blix Heights North, Blix Heights South


Southern City-Centre, South Blix, Delongo


105,000 (2011)



Postal Codes


Median Income

$231,000 (2012)

Blix Heights is a large elite district in South Blix. Census records go back to 1822, in the area. In the early 2000s, it became an elite district.


In 1822, over 750 people lived in Blix Heights, including Mayor Ronald Kay Blix. He decided that a great school should be built there, and so it was provided with a magnificent property facing the Atlantic Ocean. That school was called Blix Private School.

By 1900, it had a population of 10000.

Notable Places

  • Blix Private School
  • South Blix Winter Resort
  • North Atlantic University
  • Aero Business Park
  • Saint Dame Cathedral
  • Blix Heights United Church
  • United States of America Embasy
  • The Blix Times- Heights Office
  • Apple Inc., Delongo
  • Heights Shopping Centre
  • Museam of the Water
  • Atlantic Auditorium
  • Google Inc., Education
  • Luxing'hier Designs
  • Toyota Tower
  • GMC Tower
  • Lux Tower
  • Heights Towers
  • Mac Building
  • Dus Tower
  • Atlantic Towers
  • Sky Tower
  • South Blix Observation Tower

Notable People

  • Nicholas Grey; Former CEO of Blixium and WWBC
  • Elizabeth Grey; CEO of Blixium•WWBC
  • Nora Grey; CEO of Blixium
  • Anne Grey; Board of Directors: Delongo Board Organization
  • Howard Law; DTV News
  • Justice Greg; Head Lawyer of Justice & Mowat