The Blix Bridge is the oldest bridge in the South Blix Area, and was the first to cross the Blixian Strait, and at over 7km long, it was the longest bridge in the world for over a century. The bridge was built from 1845 to 1860, when it opened to three lanes of traffic (one for trains, one and a half for carriages, and a half for pedestrians. The bridge connects Westview, South Blix to Downtown West Blix. It would be complemented by the Lorris Bridge and the Eastern Bridge to connect to the Delongo Base via the Lorris Island. Today the bridge is exclusively for pedestrians.

The Blix Bridge has helped to build Delongo's reputation up for building some of the best bridges in the world. Before the Blix Bridge was built, the Strait Tunnel was used until it famously caved in in 1903, killing 96 people.

The Blix Bridge was closed to trains in 1919, when it became exclusively for vehicles traveling to and from the Delongo Base. It was the busiest bridge (in terms of vehicle density) in the world from 1904 to 1931, when four wider bridges were built parallel to the Blix Bridge (these were torn down in 1968 due to poor condition).

Today, seven road bridges connect South Blix to West Blix and over sixty road tunnels, with new bridges being opened regularly. By 2020, there will be over 40 bridges and over a hundred tunnels.

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