The airport system of the Urban Blix Area is the largest in the world.

South Blixian Airports

  • Marci Ann Blix International Airport: 442,000,000 passengers annually (2016)
    • The MABIA is a massive international airport serving Eastern South Blix. People further west than Manlieu infrequently use this airport, and those further west than Beckerham almost never use MABIA.
  • Nicholas Grey International Airport: 0 passengers annually (2016)
    • Opened in 2000, closed in 2014 due to popular demand. Was intended to replace MABIA and ENCMA, but it inhibited growth in Marci Square and Allhallon, and had massive noise impacts over tens of millions of residents. Created few jobs in the area as well. The airport was privately owned by Blixium, and was the only privately owned airport on the Blixian Peninsula outside of Sienfield.
  • South Blix ENC Memorial Airport: 57,000,000 (2016)
    • Opened in 1973 as the South Blix West Airport. Renamed in 2014. Mostly a commuter airport for people on the West Coast. Plans for closure in 2020.

West Blix

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