The 2014 Capitalist Revolt is a string of protests and government overthrows that began in March 2014 with the referendum that created the Capitalist State of Sienfield. Inspired by the CSS' success, Foxton, Nimbus Calc, Oilman, and parts of the eastern UMA began seeing major protests. Small-scale protests werealso seen in Rupertland, South Blix, Nouvelle Montréal, and New London. On 15 July 2014, the Republic of Foxton was declared. On 20 July 2014, the Capitalist Republic for Northern Oil was declared. On 28 July 2014, the Nimbus Calc Regime was pronounced the government of Calclyn. 

The success of the revolts is debatable. Sienfield's population has halved since the Capitalist State was declared, and its economy is 1/4 of what it was in 2013. The Capitalist State has said that its objective was not to maintain the population, but to build a capitalist society. With the Foxton Oil Reserves, the Capitalist State believes it will be able to prosper (RoF, CRNO, and CSS have all merged on 27 March 2014). 

Capitalist State of Sienfield

The Province of the City of Sienfield said before it held the referendum on Sienfield's statehood that it would require a 66.6% approval rating. In fact it only has a 53% approval rating, but the state was still declared. The PDRD says that this is an illegal land claim. The PDRD has said that it will not launch a military attack for the land unless the CSS attacked Delongo or further attacked Delongonian land. 

War on Capitalism

President Katie Lee coined the term 'War on Capitalism' in a news conference in March 2014, when she siad she would not launch one unless they claimed more land or attacked Delongo. On 27 July 2014, the CSS merged with the Republic of Foxton and the Capitalist Republic for Northern Oil, which the Delongo Ministry said they believe is the CSS claiming more land (almost half of the province of Claymore Tri), which is an act of war. 

On 28 July 2014, the Delongo Ministry said that if Sienfield, Foxton, and the land claimed by CRNO is not returned, they will launch their War on Capitalism, which will "not hold back." The Delongo Ministry said that if the first phase of the war succeeds, they may consider taking the war to the international stage. 

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