The 2011 Rowling Revolution took place between 11 March 2011 (11.3.11) and 1 November 2012 (1.11.12). The Revolutions were forecasted by former President Ryan Rowling. The revolutions were led by President Katie Lee, the Tri Party, the MonoBlix Party, Quinton Harrison (under the pseudonym Quinton Crow), and Laura Crawford (who was assasinated on 11 April 2011 in West Nimbus Calc). The revolutions led to the establishment of the nation of Delongo, later renamed the People's Democratic Republic of Delongo.



The short-term causes of the Rowling Revolution continue to be debated by scholars, but generally they tend to be:

  • Lack of response by the Canadian Govenment to the January 2011 East Nimbus Calc Explosion
    • The government did not take any measures to clean up the explosion, and even though it had been aware of plans for the explosion, it never acted to prevent the explosion.
    • The explosion killed 1,093,200 people, who were mostly left-leaning working-class people.
  • Stephen Harper's Conservative government
  • The assasination of Ryan Rowling, and later assasination of revolutionary Laura Crawford.


  • Allienation of Delongonians and Canadians
  • Lack of political representation of Delongo in the Canadian House of Commons

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